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    One who strives to live the life of his family is like a jihadist in the way of God.


    Chillco Engineering Co. History Chilco Engineering Co. (Private joint stock) has been operationalized since 1980 under registration No. 37562. From the very beginning days of establishment, the company could be able to take giant and important actions for state development using specialized and experienced personnel as well as advanced machineries and equipment. The company has been active in fields including subway, subway station, tunnel, gas & oil transmission lines, residential complexes and other construction and development fields. The company also could be able to complete all assigned projects successfully leaving all employers with .their full consent.

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    Human being is an innovative and creative inventor who, through the use of thought and creativity and as a result of the invention of technology, has managed to dominate and dominate many aspects of nature. With the advent of technology and the production of science, it decodes the system of creation and develops its individual and social life and is, due to being innovative, creative and having rationality, is respectable and dignified.

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    Address Central Office: Unit 5 , No 287 , 303 Building , Nejatollahi Ave , Tehran , Iran .

    Postal Code : 1598873131

    tel: 00982144363356-8

    Address Workshop: Chillcocampany, Baharan alley, next to Al Zahra mosque, Kohsar square, kohsarstreet , Tehran, Iran

    tel: 00982188924581-3 

     fax: 00982188922963