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Chilcco as a specialized company active in construction and subway industries has set a seven year perspective to be among the first seven top companies of those industries especially particular projects. Management has also planned its policies and investment management in line to achieve this goal. Chillco engineering company attempts to create value for its shareholders, customers and buyers and has planned following strategic items:

1. Creating a reputable brand to increase shareholders’’ profit and preserving customers and buyers’ mental peace and profit designing, manufacturing and implementing special projects with particular use including projects with trading, administrative and service uses.

2. Strengthening company brand and making it a credible one in subway industry, attracting national and international collaborations on investments and technical and engineering

3. Recruiting expertise staff together with organizational knowledge improvement and dissemination through purposeful trainings

4. Geographical variety of construction focusing on extant competitive advantages

5. Company structure modification to be a development holding through participating in company establishment, construction materials supply, and establishing technical affiliate companies.

6. Yielding income and clean profit with suitable investments to improve financial base and preserve equity

7. Predisposing technical and engaged personnel for state economic development

8. Preserve, protect and optimal use of resources, facilities and economic and development current talents

9. Increasing company part regarding predispose for human well-being and protect environment

10. Creating job opportunities in state development and helping state deprivation eradicating plans preserving shareholders’ interests

11. Using solutions and new method for executing construction and development projects


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    Chillco Engineering Co. History Chilco Engineering Co. (Private joint stock) has been operationalized since 1980 under registration No. 37562. From the very beginning days of establishment, the company could be able to take giant and important actions for state development using specialized and experienced personnel as well as advanced machineries and equipment. The company has been active in fields including subway, subway station, tunnel, gas & oil transmission lines, residential complexes and other construction and development fields. The company also could be able to complete all assigned projects successfully leaving all employers with .their full consent.

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