Safety Policy

Every year we witness work-related accidents harming the environment and workers due to the lack of investment in safety research and programs. Therefore, knowing and respecting the “Health, Safety, and Environment” plan has become extremely vital for all companies, especially in the construction industry. Chillco, as a leading construction company, acknowledges the essence of safety and environmental health planning and respects them based on international, national, and local standards. We have established a systematic management framework to properly control the HSE department and improve its culture.

How Chillco complies with the HSE plan:

  • We teach safety protocols to improve the level of awareness and knowledge of all people engaged in projects
  • We provide all sorts of security systems for construction sites
  • We analyze projects, from all aspects, in advance to prevent environmental and human accidents
  • We equip project sites with fire prevention and protection
  • We prevent worker’s exposure to hazardous substances by informing and training
  • We consider emergency evacuation procedures
  • We consider environmental protection and waste management
  • We continuously monitor all executive activities so that managers, heads, officials, and supervisors in their area responsibly implement the laws and regulations of the relevant instructions

Our company is committed to providing the necessary resources to execute the above demands and improve HSE. We expect the participation of all partners to enhance the effectiveness of this system.