Samen Town

2400 Residential Units

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Project introduction
  • Pardis is a suburb located 17 kilometers northeast of Tehran. The city is home to 73,363 people as of 2016 according to the Census Bureau and is planned to reach 600,000 by the end of constructions
  • The objectives of this project include construction for managing the city’s growing population, providing high quality housing, preparing a checklist of design principles and standards in architectural and urban scales and observing them to improve residential satisfaction according to all environmental quality criteria, planning and preparing appropriate access to complexes and from them to important urban uses, and affecting neighborhood units by allotting housing units to specific social groups with homogeneous communities to promote participation and social interactions
  • Due to the location of the land, major part of the project will contain rock excavation
  • Engineering, planning, and rock excavation
  • Excavation of more than a million m3 in a land area of 11.1 Ha.