The Future City

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Project introduction
  • “Hormozgan” is one of the most prominent provinces in the south of Iran with 14 islands, more than 10 ports, 3 international airports, commercial and industrial zones, and tourist attractions. Hormoz strait, one of the most strategic water passages in the world, is located in the realm of Hormozgan. “Bandar Abbas”, as the capital, is one of the most significant poles of the fishery, pearl hunting, mining, shipbuilding, and transportation of goods
  • Given the uneconomical maintenance cost of house in this city, which is more than national standard in accordance with specific environmental conditions and humidity in hot seasons, and poor quality of construction based on the engineering principles, as a construction company it is necessary to have a broad economic view
  • The objectives of this project include increasing sustainability and efficiency, enhancing the quality of life
  • Infrastructure, engineering, design and construction of a 350 Ha. land area
  • Construction of a 10,000 m3 water tank, sewage network piping, water transmission pipeline, a 63 Kv transmission line from Bandar Abas, a high voltage substation, and optical distribution network
  • Situated 20 Km from Bandar Abas, this project offers numerous services for a high-quality lifestyle. Such as: healthcare, cultural, and educational spaces, sport and leisure facilities along with commercial and office areas
  • “The Future city”- 10,000 units in 605 blocks- has 7 neighborhoods, one downtown, and an enormous area dedicated to a “Science and Technology Park”(STP) with a total gross built-up of 938,531 Sq m . Each neighborhood contains residential, commercial, educational, and entertainment areas, as well as health centers and a variety of urban green spaces
  • An electronic (SMART) city designed to meet all the UNICEF Child Friendly Innovative standards
    Commercial total area: 28,567 Sq m
    Educational total area: 23,095 Sq m
    Sport and leisure total area: 5,851 Sq m
    Public services total area: 14,782 Sq m
    Offices total area: 3,270 Sq m
  • Our suppliers during project:
    Gravel mines with the capacity of 3,000 t/per day
    Cement factories in “Qeshm”, “Hormozgan”, “Darab”, “Kerman”, “Bandar-e Khomein”
    Stucco factories in “Bandar-e Khomein”
    Rebar factories in “Isfahan”, “Shiraz”, “Kerman”, “Kashan”, “Ahvaz”
    Ice supplying companies (Yakh Sazi-e Shilat Co., Abasi Co., Delavaran Co., Javadpour Co., Baba Gholam Co., Shahbazi Co.)
    Local batching supplying companies (Iranian, Khalij-e Fars, Khanji, Hormozgan, Rah Iran Beton)