Pin Plaza Complex

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Project introduction
  • Shiraz is located at the center of the Fars Province and is considered one of the top tourist destinations in Iran. It is also known as one of the most important trading hubs in Iran and the Middle East. This city is economically dependent on industry, significant factories, agriculture and magnificent handicrafts
  • The objectives of this project include empowering Shiraz in attracting tourists, improving employment conditions, strengthening investment and infrastructure, creating a market suitable for the supply of handicrafts, and creating new bases for economic development and productive employment in Fars province
  • ┬áPin Plaza is a complex with exquisite architecture, constructed with the latest technologies, advanced cooling/heating systems suitable for all seasons, and self-contained control systems, has the potential of becoming the most prominent mixed-use complex in Fars province
  • Respecting the separation of office spaces with synergy, creating attractiveness and effective circulation of the population by placing spaces on different floors, the possibility of pedestrian access to two adjacent streets by designing the circulation of the external population, using green spaces and having a worthwhile effect on the project with a glass facade
    Land area: 8,404 Sq m
    Total built-up area: 65,049.7 Sq m
    Cinema campus (3 private cinema, auditorium, coffee hall, cultural zone) total net area: 1400 Sq m
    Offices total net area: 8,827.94 Sq m- 59 units
    Commercial total net area: 12,000 Sq m- 170 units
    Hyper total area: 1800 Sq m
    Entertainment total net area: 650 Sq m
    Food court total area: 800 Sq m
    Restaurant total area: 520 Sq m
    Parking spaces (3 underground floors) total area: 22,000 Sq m- 466 car park