Karaj Metro Line 2

"Golshahr" Staion

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Project introduction
  • Karaj metro line 2 is almost ready for operation in “Karaj”. This line starts from “Karaj-Qazvin Freeway“ named “Kamalshahr station” and ends in “Mallard” city. The length of this line is 27 km and it intersects with “Karaj station” (“Shahid Soltani”) on line 1 of Karaj metro
  • “Golshahr Metro station” is the former western “Karaj Metro Line 2” and is located in ”Mehrshahr” in southwest of Karaj. In December 2019 Line 5 has been extended further west beyond this station to ”Hashtgerd”
  • Construction of the Ticket hall using Cut & Cover method
  • Construction of the connection gallery
  • Construction of support, main, and side station structures including ventilation and emergency exits, DWP, LPS using tunnel concrete hydraulic formwork technology